Consignor Frequently Asked Questions Virtual Sale

How do I sign up to sell with As They Grow? 

Why should I sell with you, not sell online myself? 

Some people enjoy selling on places like Marketplace and BST groups. But, if you don't enjoy: 

- Haggling over price 

-Several messages back and forth between someone who doesn't buy

-Meet ups in parking lots with strangers

-The drama that comes with the social media groups 

-Giving strangers your address for pick ups    ,

Then we're the sale for you!   You price your items and enter them into our software.  We do the advertising and marketing, sell the items, handle customer issues, have a secure location for customer pick ups.   You tag the SOLD items with a special customer tag that we'll supply you, drop them to us, and you're done!

PLUS- Our customers know & love us so we bring all of them to look at YOUR items.

How much do I earn? 

For Virtual Sales-  Consignors earn a base of 60% of their sold items price.  If you ensure that you don't list items that do not meet our quality standards and have NO returned items at customer pick up- you earn an additional 5%.   Consignors that choose to work with us during consignor drop off, order checking, and customer pick up can earn up to 75% of their sold items. 

What if my item is "slightly imperfect", Can I still sell it? 

We strive to have an enjoyable experience by both our customers and our consignors.  Therefore, We will NOT accept items that are stained, ripped, missing buttons, toys& games missing pieces, any item that is recalled- no matter the price.  

If an item is entered into our virtual sale, and is returned by the customer during their pick up- a handling fee will be charged to the consignor.