Step 2. What We Accept 

We Acccept: 
    Our August 20 sale will be All Seasons

  • Women's clothing, limited to 20 pieces- Current Styles Only

  • Preemie through 16 in children's sizes- Current Styles Only 

  • Junior's clothing, limited to 20 pieces- Current Styles Only

  • Junior & Women's shoes- limit 10 pairs -excellent condition 

  • Children's shoes-limit 20 pairs- excellent condition 

  • Outerwear​

  • Halloween Costumes that can be used as dress up/pretend play accepted in all sales 

  • Undergarments new in packaging

All clothing must be free of stains, excess wear, odors and pet hair.

            Everything Else  

  • Belly Bands/supports 

  • Pregnancy Pillows

  • Nursing Pillows 

  • Breastpumps- closed system- no used tubing or flanges

  • Nursing Covers

  • Bottles / unused pacifiers

  • Bathing

  • Feeding

  • Safety

  • Infant gear- think bassinet, pack n play, strollers, co-sleepers, high chairs, play mats, jumperoos etc-  Must be wiped down, free of recalls and fresh batteries

  • Cribs - manufactured after June 28, 2011 that meet 16 CFR 1219 or 16 CFR 1220 

  • Car Seats- less than 5 years old(check sticker on side or bottom) Accident free 

  • Outdoor play-  Big Plastic Crap ;)  - very popular- needs to be wiped down - wagons, slides, climb ons, bikes, trikes, sports gear 

  • Toys-  with all pieces/ working batteries - from infant rattles to electronics and gaming systems 

  • Puzzles- all pieces counted- no more than 48pc accepted

  • Books- Board books, soft/fabric infant books, toddler, preschool, chapter, pregnancy, parenting 

  • Electronics - gaming systems etc

  • DVD-  no vcr tapes-rated pg 13 and under 

  • Clean- CURRENT items that apply to kids - feel free to email Cristy @  with any questions

Not Accepted:

  • Clothing with stains, excess wear, fading, rips -regardless of price marked
  • Destination or participation type clothing - think YMCA basketball or Ocean City Tee
  • Shoes with scuffs- stains in foot bed-dirty laces 
  • Underwear - unless new in package
  • Home Made clothing without size tags
  • Puzzles with more than 48 pieces- must be checked
  • VHS videos
  • Bedding larger than twin size
  • Opened Nail Polish/Make-Up
  • Party Supplies for less than 5 kids
  • Toys or baby equipment with broken or missing pieces 
  • Car Seats that have been involved in accident or expired ( check manufacturer website) 
  • Bag of misc. random toys
  • Opened Play Doh 
  • Home decor/Christmas items that are not child specific. 
  • All Food items
  • Sunscreen/opened lotions/ opened personal care like shampoo 
  • Equipment that requires straps that are missing straps 
  • Bedding larger than twin sized
  • Stuffed/plush animals that are not Disney/ or are interactive

We want to bring our customers clean, well cared for items.  We are not a yard sale.  If we find more than 10 items that do not meet our quality standards, you may be excluded from future events. We want you to make the most on your best items.

Unsure if we accept an item?  Email Cristy @