How to Price your items                  to SELL

Our most successful consignors sell almost all of their items and Don't bring them back home-They bring a big check instead!

  • When pricing, ask yourself, "what would I pay for this at a resale?"

  • Price and condition/style are the biggest reasons items don't sell  (priced too high/stains/excess wear/out of style


  • Our shoppers have a lot to choose from- price it to make them put it in their bag-not back on the rack

  • When you price your clothing items towards the lower end of our pricing scale, our customers scoop them up and you scoop up more earnings!

  • We recommend marking items you don't want to bring home as discount on Sunday. If they sell Thurs-Sat at full price, great, if not, they'll go 50% Sunday and you sell more! Just click, discount yes on the enter items tab when pricing. 

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