Fast Lane Consigning-  No time to tag? No Problem!

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How Fast Lane Consigning Works

1.  Register using form below.

2.  Gather all seasonally appropriate items and carefully check for quality. Items that do not meet our quality standards will be donated immediately. 

3.  If clothing items make an outfit, please fold them together.

4.  Verify items work correctly and are not missing pieces.

We will assign a rock star tagger to your account- They will: 
-Meet you at your home or a place that suits you to pick up your items  for sale.
-Prep, hang, price, tag and drop your items to our sale location  
They are experts at tagging and pricing your items to get them sold
  • $15 registration fee *
  • You receive a Pre-Sale shopping pass for 6pm on consignor shopping day
  • All items will be marked to sell at 50% off on our final sale day
  • We will mail or email your check for  40% of sold items within 10 days of sale close
  • Unsold items are transferred between our first and second season event/ then left overs are donated to charity partners.
Registration is now OPEN for Wilmington Spring Sale.

*Registration fee is non refundable.